My name is Hassanatou (Hassa-na-too) Barry and here's a snippet of my journey thus far.

I am a young, innovative and resolute entrepreneur with an unwavering passion for pursuing my dreams. I discovered my passion stemmed from the very position I was pursuing as an alternative to earning extra income, which was BABYSITTING. I realized there weren’t enough credible resources out there to provide caregivers information that would be useful. 

The Babysitter Guru empowers babysitters through informational content and resources to better their journey and experience in caring for children while also being an expert for parents to ease their transition into seeking quality childcare.

As a loving babysitter and dedicated advocate for the past 7 years, my goal was to create a platform to educate others on best practices and also provide guidance. Whether it’s making a difference for one babysitter or several, my dream is to create an impact within the childcare industry.

I look forward to starting this journey with you all! 

Xoxo, Hassanatou Barry

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