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Kristina Morando
Kristina MorandoBabysitter - New York
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“The experience that I’ve had over the years babysitting has brought me such an exhilaration. Babysitting has not only brought me responsibility but trust and confidence in myself. I’m truly passionate about taking care of children. I love getting the opportunity to meet new households and not only will I become close to their children but to the whole family. I understand the hassle it is finding the perfect sitter fitted for your family. As a young girl, I’ve learned from my own mother how helping families is such an enormous impact and I’m grateful to be falling into her footsteps.”
Sabrine Benohod
Sabrine BenohodBabysitter - Morocco
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“I always loved to be children. I started to babysit my sister when I was 12 years and she was 2 months. Few years later I had to find a part time job and it was the one I went for. What is good about this job is seing that you are making the baby smile and with time this baby start to really love you and this is the best feeling ever. I volunteered in an orphanage for 3 years and during these years I really felt that I was able to give to the kids enough love. I was seeing happiness in their eyes. The girls used to love to play with my hair and give me cute nicknames. It reminded of what I used to do to my mom and I understood that they really need the love that only a mom can give. They were also fighting to hold my hands so I was always trying to satisfy each one of the girls. I was really happy to feel that the girls were seeing me like their moms or their older sister and loved me.”
Vanessa Charles Thompson
Vanessa Charles ThompsonBabysitter - New Jersey
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When I was in college in Boston I used to babysit and, honestly, it was the best gig ever! My favorite age group was infants. Teaching babies how to hold their bottles felt like giving them a 101 introduction on how we humans feed ourselves. When going for stroller walks to different parts of the city and playgrounds, I felt like I was awakening their inner desire for exploration and discovery. Seeing them take their first steps symbolized internal signs of independence and authority. Infants are awesome! Seeing them grow is seeing the natural wonders of adaptation, and evolution at work. It’s magical!
Rashavia Peterson
Rashavia PetersonBabysitter - Miramar, Fl.
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“Hi, I’m Rashavia. The Colorful Nanny. Never in a million years would I have thought this would be my career. I’ve been working with kids for 6+ years now and I love it. I love watching my littles grow and being there for each new milestone. Aside from full time nannying, I babysit part-time-I think this is my favorite because I love new environments and spending time with different kids on the weekend keeps me on my toes. Since my littles aren’t old enough yet, I get to pull out all my board games and crafts and have tons of fun. I don’t think I could’ve picked a better career.”
Rachel Hymanyk
Rachel HymanykBabysitter - Canada
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"Hi my name is Rachel and this is my babysitting story. Now, I am 12 years old, almost 13, and I revived my babysitting certification just a few months ago. I absolutely love kids and if you know anything about me I am a natural when it comes to playing and taking care of them! I was desperate to find babysitting jobs and ended up asking my neighbours if they need me, but still haven’t heard back. I did not let this discourage me. I used google and YouTube to build my Buisness and research hours upon hours. Eventually, I decided to post about babysitting on Facebook and boy was I happy with the result! I have had at least 5 families reply to me who live minutes away and so far have worked 2 jobs and had 4 interviews in the span of 1 month! I am so proud of myself for going the extra mile to get a job and hope you can learn from this.”
Chelsi Lee
Chelsi LeeBabysitter - Washington, D.C.
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“I love being a babysitter because honestly it is something I am good at and have a passion for. I truly believe I was given the gift of being a nurturing spirit and to work with children. I truly believe in the statement aspire to inspire. I was at a low point in my life and all I knew how to do was to provide childcare for families. Not just regular care, but quality care where I really was creating a memorable experience for the family and the children. I realized this talent and decided to pursue it. Ever since doing that I haven't looked back. I absolutely love being able to spend one on one time with children and do things that spark their interest. I love building relationships and trust with families so that they feel confident enough to want to go out. Being a babysitter is rewarding and satisfying, because I know I am being an aide to families.”
Maribel Avery
Maribel AveryBabysitter - Hawaii
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“My name is Maribel and I am a dedicated and experienced caregiver, who has experience caring for children ages newborn to 17 years. My energetic and assertive personality is a perfect match for the busy, on-the-go family with changing needs. I love animals, dancing, working out, and traveling. I am also responsible, reliable, and trustworthy individual who considers working with children each day a new adventure."
Michelle Wreesmann Brown
Michelle Wreesmann BrownBabysitter - New York
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"I am extremely passionate about working with children! - I love seeing them grow and blossom into young adults. I've spent the last 15 years of my life working with children and pursuing an education in the field of child care. I have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and possess life saving and first aid certifications. My journey began as a full time teacher's assistant for the NYC Board of Education then moved on as a preschool teacher and eventually to becoming a full-time private nanny. I take my career very seriously as I play a significant role in a child's early life and development. Being a part of the lives of the children l care for is very rewarding to me. I have phenomenal relationships with parents and their entire extended families. As a Nanny, I want to highlight the importance of communication with the families we care for. Creating a unified and strong bond, leads to great relationships forming."
Kadiatu Conteh
Kadiatu ContehBabysitter - New York
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“My name is Kadiatu Conteh and I am a second-generation babysitter. I inherited my babysitting business from my grandmother and she taught me everything I know about how to not only be a good babysitter but how to create a long lasting relationship and connection with the families that I babysit for. I think that the relationship that I have with my clients is the best part of my job. I love the fact that the kids are a part of my family. I am invited to their events like birthday parties and we invite them to our events. Also, the fact that I see former families that I babysat for or my grandmother cared for and they still remember me from 10 years back and appreciate how we took care of them. There is nothing better than being able to be apart of seeing a child grow up and knowing you had a part to play in helping them on their journey. So, I absolutely love those bonds because their is nothing like seeing those kids recognize me after we took such care of them and growing up so well.”
Setonji Agosa
Setonji AgosaBabysitter - New York
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“My role as my family's babysitter began five years ago with the birth of my niece Zoe. I soon grew to expect -and joyfully await- a babysitting request from her busy parents bi-weekly. Despite the long commute to her home in Brooklyn to watch her, babysitting Zoe never once was a burden because her pure excitement to simply be alive radiated onto me. From there my love of kids and babysitting manifested. Children, regardless of their age, contain an energy, honesty, and carefree outlook on their understanding of life. I have babysat several other kids since Zoe was a born, both those related to me and strangers, most of them under 5 years old. What I consistently enjoy is that each time I meet this new child I am given a chance to experience their unfiltered personality and their interests. I love getting to know how to make this child happy, watching animated movies with them that’d never watch on my own time, playing ball and creating abstract drawings- all for the fun of it. But most of all I love answering their questions about the world around them and seeing them grow physically and mentally week by week, month by month, year by year. I love babysitting because kids open a new lens to the world in front of me, thus enhancing my life, and I hope to use my short time with them to add a bit of knowledge, fun, and joy into their development.”
Mallory Rhodes
Mallory RhodesBabysitter - New York
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“I love working with children because it's what I've always wanted to do. I have always been fascinated with babies and toddlers, ever since I was a little girl. I never had younger siblings, but I remember going to a family reunion when I was six and spending all my time playing with a distant baby cousin. I was obsessed and followed her around all day long, helping the grownups care for her when I could. My first job was at my local library, and working with babies and toddlers during storytime and older kids during the summer reading program really solidified my decision to work with kids. I love seeing their faces as children discover new things, make new connections, and recognize their favorite toy, song, or person. I love making babies and toddlers laugh over the silliest things. I'm a natural performer, and I think all interactions with children are a performance, to some extent. Even when they whole world seems to be crashing down, it's our job to make our own little corner of the world the best it can be. If I can make a child happy with my presence, because they feel safe, loved and seen for the wonderful person they are, I feel accomplished. Even though I work mostly with babies and toddlers who will most likely not remember me when they grow up, knowing that I could provide a healthy environment for them in their first developmental years is enough of a reward for me”.
Kristen Zamora
Kristen ZamoraBabysitter - New York
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“Beside the real hands on experience of being a mom to a wonderful 3-year-old, I have been in the childcare field for years. I love babies and children because they are so energetic and pure and make you remember the most important things in life. My daughter is my life and I wouldn't imagine putting her in the hands of someone who doesn't treat her the way her own mother does and that's what I strive to do for any of my kids that I care for.”
Sophia Glinski
Sophia GlinskiBabysitter - New York
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“I love being a babysitter because it is incredibly rewarding experience. I have formed sweet connections with the children I have babysat for. When I was growing up, I always came up with unique games and used my imagination to develop fun make-believe storylines. With the influence of technology, children are growing more dependent on the use of an iPad or online game to be entertained. As a babysitter, I try to guide the kids away from the screen and more towards activities that will challenge them to think creatively.”
Khimberly Faner
Khimberly FanerBabysitter - New York
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“It’s fun to do a babysitting job. You will see how the kids grow. Playing with them, learning with them and you contribute on any situation they will face. Love and security is the most important thing you can give to them. It’s not just a job but it’s your life to dedicate to someone.”
Micaela Campbell
Micaela CampbellBabysitter - New York
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“My name is Micaela and I’m 24. I love being a nanny because it is so much fun! Being a college student is often stressful but my job is so amazing that I sorta get to escape, it’s like my safe place. I get paid doing what I love. I’m blessed that I work for such an amazing family! I love going on trips, making crafts, playing outdoors, doing educational things but making it fun with the little boy I take care of. It is the best job EVER!!!”
Linda Alvarado Cintron
Linda Alvarado CintronBabysitter - New York
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“Babysitting has been the perfect job for me especially since my children had started to get older - it’s rewarding in every way. I get to make new friends that become family and I get to enjoy the fun that I had with my children when they were this little ❤️.”
Anita StaporBabysitter - New York
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"I’m a junior at College of Staten Island, studying early childhood education. I am looking for a babysitting job, because I love working with children. I love seeing them grow and learn as well as creating relationships with them. I have worked at a daycare as a teacher assistant for almost two years, and had to recently stop due to my school schedule not allowing me to work the hours. I am fingerprinted for the health and education department. I also have the mandated reporter training and foundations in health and safety e-learning completed. Prior to the daycare, I was a tutor and babysitter for 2-3 years. I started my junior year of high school. I have worked with children as young as 2 years old. I want to continue gaining experience and connecting with children!"

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