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As Babysitters, we provide the safety and well-being of children under our care on behalf of children’s parents or guardians. We remain parents #1 option for short-term care on an as-needed basis.

Babysitting jobs are considered part-time jobs that are paid hourly for special occasions (e.g. date night, weddings, parent teacher conferences, New Year’s Eve) or scheduled for certain days and times of the week regularly. 

Babysitters responsibilities may include but are not limited to: planning activities for the children (sports, games, park visits, arts and crafts, etc.), supervising play dates and/or bed time preparation. However, some babysitters may be willing to take on additional responsibilities (e.g. household chores, driving the children, cooking and homework help etc.) for an increase in pay. 

Babysitters MUST be CPR and First Aid certified. Additional certificates may include emergency care, safety in the home, food safety, water awareness etc. 

All babysitters are unique in their own way ❤!


What our parents say:

The Burdzy Family

"We have known Hassanatou for almost 2 years now. She babysits for our two children, now turning 5 and 2. She also watched our newborn when I returned to work 2-3 days per week for several months, including household chores. Hassanatou is dependable, positive, and hard working - providing updates and always asking questions when she needed...Read More
Angelina & Peter Burdzy

What our sitters say:

A New York Babysitter

“The experience that I’ve had over the years babysitting has brought me such an exhilaration. Babysitting has not only brought me responsibility but trust and confidence in myself. I’m truly passionate about taking care of children. I love getting the opportunity to meet new households and not only will I become close to their children but to the whole family... Read More
Kristina Morando

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